How I got rid of Procrastination once and for all

By asking myself just one simple question

Lets Face it we don’t need focus all the time. I don’t need to be focused all damn day. I don’t need focus while chatting with my loved ones or hanging out with my friends or watching some random YouTube videos or while just lying around like a potato chips packet on bed.

But when the time comes in my schedule to work, that's when I need all the focus I can gather (maybe more).

But the problem is I can’t lift myself off the damn sofa and leave the smartphone. It feels like moving a mountain to get off the sofa, quit the social media app I am scrolling through and just go to my table and open my laptop. But somehow I keep on procrastinating and procrastinating until I have just wasted 1 hour.

Same scenario. It was 4:55 pm in the evening. I was lying ass down on my bed scrolling through Instagram on my phone. I had scheduled to work on this app that I was building from 5 pm. There was still 5 minutes left. I could scroll some more. No worries right.

4:56 pm

4:57 pm

4:58 pm

4:59 pm

5:00 pm

Ting ning ning ning. It was time to work. But I didn’t get up. I said to myself 5 more mins. Then 5 more mins. Then 5 more.

Before I realized it was 5:25 pm on the clock.

But then something hit me.

I asked myself a simple question:

“Will lying on the bed for 5 more minutes take me closer to my primary goal in life?”


Will getting to the desk on opening my laptop and starting to code take me closer to my primary goal in life?”

And somehow magically I locked my phone threw it on the far side of the bed, walked to the desktop and coded non-stop for 3 hours. Those were the most productive 3 hours of my entire life.

I know you might think this looks so sketchy or you might think that you already knew it. But before judging I request you just try it once.

Note:- Your Primary Goal matters a lot too here. It must move you. It maybe getting rich, making your parents happy, buying a house or whatever it is. It must be something that you dream about.

Whenever you feel lazy and don’t want to work, whenever you want to procrastinate something for some later time, just ask yourself this simple question:

Will doing this take me to closer to my Primary Goal in life?

If not, then don’t do it.

As simple as that.

I build cool stuff… Sometimes weird too

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